Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Humor: It's the end

Sometimes when you're walking through life you fall. For instance you may find yourself at the end of a once romantic and seeming perfect relationship. You begin telling yourself that it's not the end, someone new will come around. Your parents and friends assure you that everything will be alright and they're sorry, but it's time to move on. News flash, it is the end! Yeah yeah when you fall you get back up blah blah blah. They think they're so wise with their words of advice. Well tell me this, how am I supposed to get up if I'm literally on the floor crying 24/7? I'm surrounded in a pool of tears and I ran out of makeup last week! How am I supposed to get on with life if makeup is at the store and I'm in my bed mourning the loss of my social life? Oh and there's someone else out there for me, no no no. He was the only one for me! We were adorable! I'm not just saying that, it's a fact, all of my besties told me. So if I could move on with my life don't you think I would!? Listen up, people tell you that life moves on. Come on, if life really moved on then I wouldn't be sitting here in sweatpants and looking at my phone screen through puffy eyes. The only good advice I've heard so far is the good die young. Amen to that! You're welcome for the advice.

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