Monday, December 15, 2014

hybridized fanfiction

Annabeth: PERCY! WATCH OUT!!!
Percy: OH GODS, what is that? Should I kill it?
Annabeth: Wait, it's changing. What in the Hades is going on.
Percy: It's a dude now. Hahaha that's sick. Hey man what even are you?
Jacob: Who are you!? Where's Renesmae? I'll kill you if you did something to her!
Percy: Woah man, I don't know who Ren- whoever you said is but dude, you were just a huge wolfe.
Renesmae: Um jake...
Percy: So how does the whole wolf to man thing work-
Jacob: Oh shoot, um uhhhh... I need some clothes.
Percy: Oh sure! No big deal, some wolf slash dude comes barging onto my boat out of no where and keeps ignoring me, but don't worry I'll hand over a pair of my nice pants
Annabeth: Gods Percy, don't be a gáidaros hole, get him some pants.
Percy: You're joking-
Annabeth: Percy!
Percy: Alright alright I'm going.
Jacob: Hey I'm Jacob, and I'm a werewolf if you haven't figured it out yet.
Annabeth: I'm Annabeth Chase and that was my boyfriend Percy.
Jacob: Hah, he's your boyfriend? Alright, well I guess you could say that beautiful Renesmae is my girlfriend.
Renesmae: Hello there Annabeth.
Annabeth: Renesmae, that's an interesting name.
Percy: Alright, I'm not sure what size you are in Levis but I also have this pair from Vans that you could use. I mean it's your call.
Jacob: Definitely the Levis. Well, they might rip a little because my legs are obviously a lot bigger than yours, hope that's okay with you.
Percy: Oh by all means Mr. Macho Man sir.
Jacob: Well I could use my legs to kick your big mouth in instead?
Percy: You mean that's not your name? My mistake it seemed so obvious.
Jacob: Oh really-
Annabeth: Percy stop.
Renesmae: Jake there's no sense in fighting with him.
Jacob: Whatever you say goes
Percy: Why don't we ever do that?
Annabeth: *blushes
Percy: Awwww
Annabeth: Shut up.
Jacob: Hey, where are Edward and Bella??
Bella: Some say the world will end in fire, some say ice. But from what I've tasted of desire, I favor fire-
Renesmae: Um mom?
Bella: Wait where are we Edward?
Annabeth: Uh hi.
Percy: Hah so we got werewolves and here are the vampires.
Edward: How did you know that?!
Bella: Edward, what else does he know?
Percy: Woah waoh, are you serious!? Please don't suck my blood!
Annabeth: I don't think they'll find our blood desireable. We're half god, half human, demigods.
Edward: You got lucky, my wife here is quite the hunter.
Bella: Don't exaggerate.
Percy: Okay, I'm kinda freaking out right now.
Annabeth: This is an amazing opportunity for me to study vampires and werewolves, could you give me and background or facts?
Renesmae: If you can get them to stop kissing for long enough, I'm sure they'd be happy to.
Jacob: Speaking of kissing...
Percy: Uhhhh
Bella: No one has evey loved anyone as much as I love you.
Edward: You're so beautiful...
Percy: Hey Annabeth, " You're so beautiful"...
Annabeth: Shut up Percy *blushes

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